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Divergence: A website is born

Some readers might have noticed a new section appearing on the front page. It’s just a simple heading with a list of sections outside the blog. This is because I’ve for a long time felt that the blog format doesn’t feel right for informative or lengthy writing. That is, I’d much rather prefer my blog to be just a simple journal I don’t have to think too hard about, since I find it reduces my eagerness to write simple updates.

To me, and I emphasize to me, the blogging format is like a journal, like a .plan file, but on the web. That is why I’m putting new content that doesn’t fit the format to just as plain pages. I’ll set up some sort of index using the Jekyll tags mechanism, it fits well for this purpose.

I’ve also added a changelog that lists what has changed on the site. While I write GNU style ChangeLogs in commit messages, this format is not really readable or accessible to readers. (Update, August 2021: The change log is no more.)

I also removed Bootstrap CSS from the site. Utility CSS is fun, but the site design is so minimal it doesn’t really make any sense. I also added a mailing list to serve as a comment box or discussion forum for the site, but time will tell if that place will see any discussion.

So, all in all, expect to see more interesting content and more blog updates as now I’ve finally made sense of the whole website thing!

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