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Guile fun times, and blog update

Holy crap, it’s been five years! Time passes so quickly. What can happen in five years? Well, during these five years I met my wife, we moved not three but four times, we bought our own apartment, our daughter was born… many things indeed! Here’s to hoping the next five years will be as fun and exciting.

On this site I’ve posted twenty something blog entries plus a smattering of other writings. I’ve picked up the pace this year after having a renewed interest for this site. It’s still running on Jekyll and hosted on GitHub pages, so that hasn’t changed.

I’m still working at the same place as before, though I’ve changed roles and responsibilities some four to five times. I have not had the chance to become bored, so that’s nice.

Lately I’ve been playing around with GNU Recutils and became maintainer of it’s Emacs major mode rec-mode. In passing I’ve also dabbled in writing Guile Scheme bindings for librec, the library powering recutils. Read more about this here!

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