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This website is now hosted on sourcehut

I’ve been meaning to move away from Github Pages to some other hosting provider. Well, now that’s done, the pages are hosted on sourcehut pages, where the code for the site has already been hosted and deployed from since early 2021.

At long last, I’ve become a paid customer of sourcehut. I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but I’ve too lazy to set it up. Given that it’s just a single text box for a credit card, this a special kind of laziness. Anyway, a couple months back sourcehut sent me an email that builds will only be available to paid customers from now. This was a good enough incentive for me to purchase a subscription, and now that I’m using sourcehut pages to host this site, becoming a paid user only makes more sense. Fortunately, sourcehut sites supporting custom domains, this was a great opportunity to begin using my IKI domain name (I used to use it on Github pages as well, but that was more complicated).

The URL change made the migration interesting. While migrating the content is as easy as one cURL command, I wanted to keep old URLs functioning. So, any url like should keep functioning using a redirect to This was surprisingly easy!

  1. First, I set up the build script to deploy to both sourcehut and Github pages
  2. Then I added a meta redirect to redirect everything from to, and published this only to Github pages.
  3. Finally, I uncommented that bit of the build script in this final version and here we are. All Internet links to my site pointing to the old version should keep working and instantly redirect to

I want to thank Github for offering this free service for a number of years. It has been great, but now I’m moving on. I enjoy the services and ideals of sourcehut so much I’ll gladly pay for it. I recommend you do so, too!

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